Videography Services

Captivating Content to Keep You Growing

At Mixed Media Creations, we specialize in providing gorgeous footage for all types of use. Our experienced videographers have the tools and expertise to capture your event in stunning HD, creating content you’ll repurpose for years. Whether you’re looking to showcase an event, organization, building, or information, we have the perfect solution for you.

Videography Services.

MMC’s team of videographers will work in tandem with you to craft a video that perfectly suits your needs and budget. One video shoot gets you cuts for every use – social media, website headers, event backdrops, commercials, presentations, and anything else you can dream up. Bundle with photography for bigger savings.

Industry Experience

  • Property Showcase Videos (Mulitfamily, Single-family)
  • Business and Non-Profit Spotlight Videos
  • Lifestyle Videos with Models in Real Spaces
  • Live Event Video / Live Event Streaming
  • Announcements and Explainer Videos
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Documentary Style and Interviews
  • Radio Commercials

All the Extras

  • Scripting and Directing
  • Animal Direction
  • Professional Models
  • Night and Dusk Shoots
  • Voice Overs and Captions
  • Vertical Social Videos
  • Social Media Sizzle Reel
  • Stock Footage Available

Accessible and Compliant

  • Embedded and Separated Captions
  • Accessibility Voice Overs
  • ADA / WCAG Compliance
  • Translations in Any Language
  • Transcriptions
  • Audio and Written Descriptions

Advanced Capabilities

  • High-quality Audio and Lighting
  • Drone Videography
  • Premium Post-production Editing
  • Motion-tracking Graphics and Editing
  • Motion Graphics, VFX, and Animated Videos
  • Matterport™ Virtual Tours
  • GoPro® POV
  • HD 4k Camera Quality
  • Slow Motion and Time Lapse
  • DFW Studio Space with Green Screen

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Why should I invest in Videos for my marketing?

Videos are a fact of life online. No one can survive without them. People make decisions mostly or wholly online at staggering rates, and videos bring concepts to life. A well-made video can be the difference between losing a lead and gaining conversions. They help users understand, envision, and fall in love with your brand’s story while building trust and credibility.

A low-res or cheaply made video just doesn’t cut it anymore. 4K Ultra HD videos aren’t just beautiful at any size. They’re incredibly functional and allow you to look your best in all spaces. When you shoot at this size, it opens possibilities for advanced editing. Modern phone screens love HD videos, and your users will respond accordingly.

Video content is also being pushed more and more by all the major social media platforms. This means posts with videos are more likely to be seen and by more people, giving you a wider audience and generating engagement and leads. Video content is an easy way to cast a sizeable digital net. On top of that, users pay more attention to videos than text and photos alone, meaning you have more of their attention and an easier time selling. Quick and to-the-point video cuts convert leads fast.

Showcase videos are the best way to market properties.

Prospects want to see a property first and foremost and want to be impressed. When selling or leasing multifamily, single-family, and commercial spaces, hitting your users with a video up-front is the best way to capture and hold their interest.

Photos and virtual tours are also essential, but a video allows your audience to envision themselves inside the property while highlighting all the best features. Studies show video is the new, most common way for people to search for anything online, and it’s becoming increasingly prevalent in real estate.

At MMC, shooting apartment communities is our bread and butter. We know all the lighting tricks and angles to make your property shine, inside and out. We work with you to make the best multifamily videos around.

How should I use my videos?

Videos may be the most flexible advertising you can invest in. Repurposed and recut correctly, one video shoot can turn into tons of different campaigns across a variety of media and channels. Here are a few ideas on where to start.

  • Create an eye-catching video header on your website
  • Include a video in any online listings
  • Add videos to your services, amenities, gallery, etc. on your website
  • Use videos in presentations during the sales process
  • Create backdrops for live events or POS areas
  • Play videos on-stage during speaking engagements, fundraisers, and award ceremonies.
  • Include animated .GIF clips in your email campaigns
  • Create several different bite-sized videos for social media posts
  • Upload engaging vertical videos for Reels, TikTok, and Stories

What are some ways to make my video stand out from the competition?

A video is a wonderful thing in itself, but if you want to make a big impression, we have the “wow factor.” Drone footage is an instant winner, upgrading shots from professional to masterful. Our advanced post-production team can include premium edits such as brightening grass from brown to green, removing unwanted objects, adding graphics onto TV screens, and skilled touch-up. We offer motion graphics which can add a visual to your story, helping viewers follow along. Advanced camera tricks like slow-mo and time lapse kick up the excitement.

We also offer professional models for lifestyle shoots, and they’re not just hollywood 10s. We hire real people that look like real people, for that authentic look. Showing people in real-life scenarios creates a commercial-level quality video that drives maximum engagement.

If you’re not sure what will be the punch you need to make your video the best, our creative team specializes in story-boarding and scripting incredible visual stories that fit your brand.

How to make sure my video is ADA compliant?

ADA lawsuits are through the roof right now, and it’s important for anyone with a website to ensure they’re compliant. Users with disabilities want to be your customers too, and it’s easy with a knowledgeable professional like MMC to make sure they can access your videos.

It’s important to know that accessibility plugins do not make your videos compliant. In fact, they often make websites worse for people with disabilities. At MMC, we’re WCAG trained and certified, with years of experience. While we can’t give you legal advices, we sure can help guide you on what level of compliance you should pursue and the way to get there.

Our services include a variety of accessibility options. Captions help people with hearing difficulties, while descriptive voice overs are great for those with visual impairments. Written descriptions allow screen readers to access an equivalent alternative as well. With a wide range of tools at our disposal and the skills to use them, any video can be made accessible.

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Learn How to Maximize a Video’s Value

Once you have had your video shoot, we can help you determine the many ways to use them.

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